Phase One Certified Profesional trained to maintain a smooth and secure customized workflow based on client needs. We handle the entire process from capture, to processing, backing up, printing and delivery of files on set, leaving you free to focus on the client and the creative side of the photo shoot.


- Phase One Certified Professional since 2015

- Maintain a smooth and secure customized work flow based on client needs

- Capture, processing, back up, printing and delivery of images on set

- Color balanced, exposed, adjusted and processed RAW files that meet creative vision and technical specifications

- On set layout/creative retouching

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- Capture solutions for any production

- Multiple kit variations available

- Each kit comes loaded with software

- MacBook Pro & Mac Pro available

- One, Two or Three Displays (wireless options available)

- Customized to production needs

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- 5+ years retouching experience

- Completely non-destructive

- Emphasis on retaining natural skin textures

- Rates vary based on the assignment