Fits in to Any Production | Dallas TX | October 2018

Fits in to Any Production | Dallas TX | October 2018

Recent Tech Work


Photographer/Director: Chris Crisman

Client: North Texas Municiple Wayer District & Michael Fredberg

Agency: Enviromedia⠀

Talent: Brandon Wittmeier⠀

Producer: Robert Luessen⠀

DP: Ezra Migel⠀

AC: Ryan Patterson⠀

DIT: Eric Christensen (elcimagemaking)⠀

Prop & wardrobe styling: Bonnie Merkel ⠀

Stylist Assistant: Mandi Summers

HMU by Roe Vielma⠀

Camera Assistants Mike Ryan & Joe Lacerte⠀

Gaffer Ryan Perdew⠀

PA Jairus Midgette⠀

Retouching by George McCardle


Work where you want | Bora Bora | September 2018


I hate the autoboot feature of the new MacBook Pro touch bar so I did some research and found a way to disable it. Follow instructions below if you want o control when your computer is on and off again..

1) Navigate through the finder to Terminal.

Go To/Applications/UtilitiesFolder/Terminal

2) To disable boot on power and boot on lid, paste the following line in Terminal window, then press Enter to execute the command (password may be required, type that in and press Enter again)

“sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00”

The change is permanent until you decide to reset the NVRAM.

To switch back, open Terminal and copy and paste this line in Terminal window then press Enter

“sudo nvram AutoBoot=%03”

This is only proven to work on 2016 or later MacBook Pro 15” Touchbar as far as I know. If you’re a tech I don’t know why you would have anything less then a MacBook Pro and if you’re not a tech I don’t know why you would care about autoboot. As a tech working on location, I like to have full control of my battery savings and power options so I don’t run out of juice at a critical moment of the shoot.

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